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Klamath in a nutshell...

Located just east of the Cascade mountain range, Klamath County is larger than many eastern states! Residents and visitors alike enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty in this region where five distinctly unique ecosystems converge under a blue sky where the sun shines brightly an average of 300 days each year. A drive 3/4 of an hour or less in any direction leads to private hideaways where nature can be enjoyed to the fullest. Some of the highlights include:

KLAMATH LAKE: 35 miles long and noted for being the largest body of fresh water west of the Rockies. 80% of the West's migratory waterfowl stopover at Klamath Lake during spring and fall migrations. The lake is nutrient rich, leading to an abundance of wildlife and trout. Springs feed many parts of the lake and some can be seen at the north end of the lake.

CRATER LAKE: One of the 8 natural wonders of the world resides within Klamath County. This lake is among the deepest on record and noted by scientists as containing the purest water of any lake in the world. For that reason it is both studied and guarded. The pure water and mineral content reflect the deepest of blue hues, making visits to this grand attraction most memorable. Visitors see the lake, but residents know it much better. Those of us who frequent this wonder, know that it can take a lifetime to fully explore it, especially the incredible areas around the lake that glancing visits rarely find.

WILLIAMSON RIVER: Recognized by anglers as one of the finest fly fishing experiences in the USA, the Williamson is home to feisty, large trout that keep sportsmen coming back. The river itself is beautiful to drift or canoe as it runs through the town of Chiloquin and empties into Klamath Lake.

KLAMATH FALLS: This, the county seat, is located 14 miles north of the California border. The largest city in the southeastern counties of Oregon, Klamath Falls has a long history as a hub for trade. The city also boasts the largest concentration of geothermal heating systems in Oregon. Over 400 wells dot the area, hidden within the heating systems of residents, commercial ventures, Oregon Institute of Technology, the Hospital, some schools, and the City of Klamath Falls geothermal loop. And...the city sidewalks are heated throughout the winter with this free energy resource.

LAVA BEDS NATIONAL MONUMENT: A 45 minute drive southeast of Klamath Falls lands intrepid explorers in a volcanic legacy that may very closely resemble the planet Mars. In this red land, the vast lava flows and mountains in the park provide a look into a fascinating geological past as well as the historical significance of the area to the native tribes, through attractions like Obsidian Mountain where the local peoples once crafted arrow and spear heads.

Visitors enjoy the scenic beauty and some decide to join the Klamath communities to be closer to nature and adopt a safer lifestyle seasoned with a distinct feeling of Americana. Klamath's benefits have been noticed by many in recent years, leading to steady population growth which is transforming the real estate market and driving new investments in service industries. Forsaking traffic and smog turns out to be a good, healthy choice for many new residents. Life just keeps getting better in Klamath, the land of sunshine and natural beauty.